Goodbye Board Games

2022 was Sofa's best year by every metric and the product has reached an important milestone in terms of usefulness.

Goodbye Board Games

Where did September go?

Time is moving a little too quickly. Overall, the past month was a busy one for me, but I feel like I’m starting to find my grove with my new work schedule. I’m also starting to find a better balance between work and downtime.

That being said, I am excited for some fall weather 🍃.

I just released an update to Sofa (v3.4.14) that brings a new design for the pricing page, a URL scheme for searching, and some helpful bug fixes. You can read more via this blog post.

🎲 Board Games Being Removed from Sofa

September came with a big unexpected surprise. The vendor I use for board game data in Sofa went out of business. This lead to some hustling on my end to get a few fixes out as quickly as possible.

I was able to get in touch with the data provider for board games and get an extension to Oct 1, 2023. This means after Oct 1, you won’t be able to pull any new board games data into Sofa. I pushed out an update on Sep 14, 2023 (v3.4.12) that migrates and stores all board game data locally so people don’t lose any information.

The board games news forced me to reprioritize some infrastructure work I had already been planning. Most of that work is now done, so I’ll be refocusing back on some big new features.

You can read the full details on the Sofa blog

💬 A Social Media Experiment

I did a little experiment for a week to post a Reel, TikTok, and YouTube Short every day. I wanted to see if I could manage and keep up with a daily posting schedule. The results?

I hated it.

It tanked my focus and added a lot more stress to my week. For me, it’s not worth the trade-offs of my time, energy, and focus to post that often. I’ll be sticking with my weekly YouTube video and once-ish per week on other socials. That gives me the time I need to be heads-down working.

Also, this was the first time I really used Reels and TikTok. I understand why people love it, but personally it gave me a headache. Everything is so fast and chaotic. I prefer a much calmer experience when I’m trying to relax lol.

I have to think about how much I want/need to contribute to that chaos.

This triggers a bunch of questions in my head around having to be on every social network. Do I need to be there? Sofa is only on iOS. Maybe I only need to be on certain socials too?

🛋️ What I’ve been working on

Why I built a real-time announcement system for my app

A few weeks ago I really needed to communicate with people who were using Sofa…but I couldn’t. There was a big issue related to board game data and it was important to let people know as quickly as possible. The best option I had was social media, a blog post, and App Store release notes. So yea, not many good options.

❤️ Thing’s I’ve enjoyed

📸 Favorite recent photo I’ve taken

Cats or batman?

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