I Quit My Job

July was a busy and stressful month for me. I was working a lot behind-the-scenes to prep for quitting my day job to focus on Sofa full-time. Focusing on Sofa full-time has been eight years in the making. As I’m typing this out, it still hasn’t fully hit me that I’m actually doing it 🙃.

Sofa has grown a lot over the past eight years, especially in the last two. To say I’m excited is an understatement. Being able to work on something I love is a true dream and I’ll be working hard to keep that dream going.

I’ve you’re interested in hearing more, I made a video about it.

🛋️ What I’ve been working on

New Custom Buckets Feature

I’m continuing to work through this feature and I’ve made a little preview video to show how it’s shaping up.

YouTube Videos

I’m continuing to invest my time in YouTube. I find it a great place to share my thoughts and updates on my work in a visual way. If you missed them, here’s some videos I made over the past month:

❤️ Thing’s I’ve enjoyed

  • 🏖️ I recently took a trip to the Outer Banks, NC (OBX) for the first time. Really great place. Also, it was the first time I’ve had hush puppies and WOW!
  • 📺 The Foo Fighters have a new drummer and this performance of Monkey Wrench is soooooooo good 🤯.
  • 📱 I’m having fun with the new Threads app by Instagram. I don’t know how much time I’ll spend on it long-term, but for now it’s a good time. Feel free to say hi over there 👋.
  • 📚 I started reading American Prometheus, which is the book that “Oppenheimer” is based on.

📸 Favorite recent photo I’ve taken

Hush puppies at Miller’s Sunset Bar & Grill in Nags Head, NC. Incredible.

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