WWDC, Vision Pro, and a Preview of New Sofa Features

I’ve started working on a few new Sofa features that I've been prepping for a while and I'm happy to share some progress.

June was a busy month for me. Apple’s WWDC was the first week of June and it brought a lot of new things for me to think about, especially the new Vision Pro. Apple creating a whole new platform is a big deal, and I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what that means for Sofa.

Some other updates I shared:

🛋️ What I’ve been working on

I’ve started working on a few new Sofa features that I’ve been prepping for a while.

First, the ability to add links and custom content to Sofa. I get many requests from people to have the ability to add all types of content to Sofa that is important to their downtime: places to eat, ideas to spend time with their kids, YouTube videos, and more. Being able to add links and custom content allows you to add anything to the app.

The second part of this feature is something I’m calling Buckets. This is what’s currently called Data Types, but I never really liked that term because it sounds too technical.

Anyways, Buckets come in two forms:

  • Easy Buckets
  • Custom Buckets

Easy Buckets are what has been in the app for a while. They are built-in and hooked up to various data sources to each get movies, shows, books, etc. Custom Buckets will pair nicely with links and custom content. It allows you to create your own custom buckets and “categorize” the things you’re adding to the app.

I still have a lot to build, but this is a big part of making the app more flexible for people.

Links, custom content, and Buckets are intended to fill the gap when there isn’t a reliable data source for me to add to the app for different types of content.

❤️ Thing’s I’ve enjoyed

  • 📺 GoodFellas - I haven’t watched this movie in at least 10 years and it holds up well.
  • 📺 Ted Lasso Season 3 - Such a great show and I kind of love that it’s only 3 seasons. Most shows go on for way too long. I will miss all those characters though.
  • 📺 Amy Schumer Emergency Contact - Good standup if you’re into comedy
  • 📺 Elemental - Saw the new Pixar film…in theaters 😱…and of course it was excellent.
  • 🎧 The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling - Incredible deep dive into the story of J.K. Rowling and the trans community clash. Goes deep on both sides and shows how complicated the arguments are.
  • 🎮 Zelda Tears of the Kingdom - I’m still playing and I hope it never ends.

📸 Favorite recent photo I’ve taken

Monica loves to steal my chair when I get up for a snack or bathroom break. I then have to decide if I’m going to stand for a few hours or move her. I usually end up standing for a few hours 😜.

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