Super Sofa Upgrade Screen Design Changes

I am working on some changes to the Super Sofa upgrade screen. Basically, I want to highlight the annual plan more than the other options. Lots of good reasons for this.

See the full convo on Threads


Here’s another iteration I’m trying. Still keeping the pricing up top, but tidying up the spacing and overall visual hierarchy.

I’ve seen more my pricing screens with price on the top or bottom. So I’m not sure what will work for me here. But I have some benchmark numbers to track against.


This might be a good compromise…using a floating card at the bottom. Still needs some TLC, but this might work


This is pretty close to final and I think it’s coming together pretty nicely. This solves the two biggest problems my pricing page had:

  1. Too many price options (want to highlight annual)
  2. Not showcasing what people get for upgrading

I’m still open for feedback if you have any! (constructive is welcome)


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