Sofa 4.0 is Here!

Sofa 4.0 is Here!

I started working on Sofa 4.0 323 days ago 🙃. It feels good to finally ship all this fun stuff out!

With 4.0, you can add basically anything, and expand Sofa to fit your exact needs with Custom Categories, Ingredients, and Smart Lists. I have a page on the Sofa website with all the details.

Sofa 4.0 - Sofa
The all-new Sofa allows you to add basically anything, expand its functionality to fit your exact needs, and customize your experience to be as simple or complex as you want.

To celebrate the launch, I'm running a 40% off sale for the Super Sofa annual plan. The sale ends Saturday, May 5, 2024. Use this link from your iOS device to redeem the sale.

Sofa 4.0 Love

There have been a few really great reviews of Sofa 4.0 that you might be interested in checking out.

John Voorhees over at MacStories showed how he's using Sofa to keep track of places and restaurants in his local area.

Sofa 4.0: A Customizable Downtime Tracker Without Compromises
I’ve written about media-tracking apps a lot in the past, and they tend to fall into one of two categories: there are ‘generalist apps’ that cover multiple types of media, and there are ‘specialist apps’ that go much deeper into one particular kind. The benefit of the former is having a one-stop destination for all

Stephen Robles did an awesome deep-dive video showing all the new stuff in Sofa 4.0 and how he's using it to track what to watch with his family.

9to5Mac had a nice little review too.

Award-winning ‘Sofa’ downtime organizer gets major update with new UI, custom categories, more - 9to5Mac
The impressive and beautiful downtime organizer app Sofa is out with a major release today for iPhone and iPad. Version…

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