Outer Banks (OBX)

In the first week of August 2023, we took a week-long trip to the Outer Banks (OBX) in North Carolina. It was my first time in OBX so I didn't really know what to expect.

Outer Banks (OBX)

Overall, we saw a lot and had a great time. The photos in this collection were taken with a mix of:

  • Sony A7IV with the 35mm f1.8 & 50mm f2.5 G
  • Ricoh GR IIIx

Beach Time

We aren’t huge beach people. We love being at the beach, but don’t enjoy sitting on the beach all day for multiple days. We prefer bopping around and seeing new stuff. That being said, we had a few very nice beach days. Weather was great too. The only downside was the number of jellyfish in the water which kept us from swimming.


Manteo is a cool little town located across the sound from the main strip of the Outer Banks. It’s very walkable with little shops and places to eat. I could actually see us staying here if we came back.

Also, there was this weird Christmas shop on the way to Manteo which doubled as a halloween store. Very bizarre, but worth checking out.

Jeanette’s Pier

Jeanette’s Pier is a large fishing pier in Nags Head. I don’t fish, but really enjoyed watching everyone else do it. This was easily my favorite place to take photos during the trip.


Ocracoke is a small island off the southern part of the Outer Banks. We took a ferry over there for a day trip, walked around, and got roasted by the sun. This is was the hottest day of the trip.

Pro tip: rent a golf cart. We didn’t because we thought the town was walkable…which is was…but having a golf cart would have made things more enjoyable.

Also, Zillie’s had a delicious fig beer. 100% recommend.


Food-wise, the star for me was hush puppies. I’d never had them before and they are incredible. I think Tale of the Whale had the best ones, but Miller’s bar in Nags Head was a close second.

Also, this is the home of Duck Donuts. Get them multiple times and enjoy life.

Everything Else

We stayed in Kill Devil Hills, but we saw almost the entire island during our trip. Places like Duck, Corolla, Jockey’s Ridge, and more. It was a great trip and would happily go again.

Jockey’s Ridge


Kill Devil Hills


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